Books I’d Leave My Sister: Very Good Lives

Very Good Lives Quote

J.K. Rowling recently published a tiny book, a mere 70 pages and each page only carries about a paragraph or two on it. Yet the weight that each word carried was enough. In fact more than enough. They were everything.

By now everyone knows of the dozens of rejections Rowling experienced before the universe granted her perseverance with acclaim. But only Rowling can gracefully depict the pressure she was up against to surpass life’s low points and proceed to success because she went to college, like the winner of a Monopoly game.

The book was originally written as a commencement speech for a graduating Harvard class, and was rightfully published as an inspirational call to action. She wrote (and spoke) of finding her passion and her courage at a time when she had very little else to lose. All without speaking of dues owed to the universe or time spent scrounging paycheck to paycheck as ‘part of the way things work’. She wrote with care and empathy and comfort. She wished us well, she wished for something worthwhile to come out of all the bad, she wished us ‘very good lives’.


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