Leveraging LinkedIn: A #BizChat by Mashable

Recently, Mashable took to Twitter to get input and advice on how to best use LinkedIn and how to completely miss the point of it as well. There was a lot of consensus and at least one rare gem of information per question. Here’s the chat.

My favorites responses revolved around personalizing your LinkedIn. Lori Ruff pointed out that the summary should be first person conversational, not 3rd person robot. It honestly surprised me that so many of the participants felt that it should not be a basic online resume. I remember being told that LinkedIn is where you expand the experience you couldn’t fit on that one page you emailed in. And of course, I love the idea of using the blog posting capabilities to give your page more of a voice (now I just have to figure out what exactly I want to say on there).

Is this information that you guys have heard before or is this all news to you? What are the best and worst tips that came out of this for you?


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