Books I’d Leave My Baby Sister: 10 1/2 Things No Commencement Speaker Has Ever Said

This is a highlight of books that I’ve come across which have helped me during my need of practical inspiration. Thus, they’re books that I plan on passing on to my baby sister as she grows up, despite the fact that she’s given me some of the same advice I’ve found in these books before. (She’s wise for her age.)


This book is honest yet hopeful which is exactly what every college graduate, and even high school graduate needs. Between the delusional expectations placed upon you, the lack of support and probably direction you’ll be experiencing, the reality that you don’t know nearly as much as you need to know can be overwhelming. Wheelan explains to you, concisely I might add (it’s a 118-page read) , that you actually DO know more than you think you do and it’s enough to get by on the next few years while you figure out the rest of the big stuff. His introduction into life after graduation is gentle enough that it’s actually empowering instead of mortifying. Utilize your local library and check it out folks.


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