Worker Bees & the Great Motivator

SplitShire-Worker Bee

I always hated those articles that told college students that a great way to stay on task and study is to limit your time on the internet. There are all these great tools out there that you can download or simply give access to your computer that will force you off of social media or whatever other distracting internet location is taking up your cram time. I can’t remember a time when I haven’t resented them.

It probably has more to do with the fact that I’m a creative who believes in using what you’ve got when you’ve got it and less to do with the fact that I’m an Aries and you can’t tell us shit! There’s a window of opportunity where I can focus all of my attention and I prefer to utilize that to the fullest potential rather then dilute it and stretch it out. Some may look at my process and say that I simply don’t have any self-discipline. On the contrary, the way that I work means that I give my all to what’s in front of me but I don’t have any interest in beating a dead horse. When I’m drained (i.e. tired & thus hitting a wall/useless) I look for inspiration in other places which could be anywhere from other creatives on the internet (#memes) to research on dead authors & scholars like myself ;D.

It’s no secret that people find motivation in all kinds of places. Some people find it at the bottom of a bottle (I prefer to consider myself a hard cider enthusiast) while others find it travel or conversation. I’ve recently discovered, after all this time, that I find mine in food! I’m a total foodie. Good food inspires me. It makes me want to get up and mamba. For me, good food is the essence of life – without it life’s not even worth it! On the days when I don’t even feel like leaving the house let alone doing something productive, I’ve noticed that giving into my desire for a good meal is like a kick in the pants. It’s make me see the beauty in doing the laundry again!

In college, I had a hard time keeping myself on task when it came to studying or doing homework. I’d take long breaks trying to recharge my batteries. But of course, after the fact it all makes sense now. Everybody loves something – something that has nothing to do with the everyday stresses of life. I love writing – I NEED writing – but writing is ultimately going to be my profession and sometimes I need a break from that too! Food on the other hand? No matter how much I learn about food and farming, the difference between the labels “natural” and “organic” or how many fruit wines & hard cider tastings I go on, it’s never going to be my livelihood which means it’s always going to be just for me. For that reason & that reason only, it’ll stay my inspiration and my motivation.

So when I need a kick in the pants to get back to work, I get a good meal. A meal that makes me proud to be alive for no reason other than to be able to taste it. Proud to be #FoodMotivated and glad that I can finally join the ranks of those who get stimulation out of the little things in life. Also, long live Chipotle Saffritas bowls!!!!

All in all, this is not a blog post about finding a food that inspires you. It’s a blog post about finding WHATEVER it is that inspires you. For some people it’s buying themselves a new trinket, for others it’s hanging out with friends. Stop trying to motivate yourself with someone else’s “thing” and find what it is that inspires YOU specifically.


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